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At Say It In 3D we help you make the most Memorable Creation on earth!! We bring you into the future by taking normal photography to a whole new level… 3D! Yep, that’s right, 3D! Together we’ll create 3D Printed Figurines in FULLCOLOR Photo-realistic Sandstone of you, your loved one, your pet, just about anything… giving you the most priceless Memorable Creation Ever!!!

Laser Etched 3D Crystals are beautiful, unique and 'from the heart'.  Using your own photo, logo or design Say It In 3D will create a personalized crystal that is truly remarkable.  Any occasion such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations, Memorials, Gifts, Awards even Company Logos. We know you, your friends, your family, and even business associates will love a 3D Laser Etched Crystal, no matter what the occasion.  Our Memorable Creation Laser Crystals will make the perfect gift that will be loved and kept forever.

Need a model printed?  We can print your 3D model in either FullColor Sandstone or Single Color ABS/PLA Plastic. Whether you found a model online or designed it yourself we can print it.

Say It In 3D offers full Replication Services.  We can re-produce that hard to find part, sentimental item, or keepsake that gets damaged.  Whatever the object we can reproduce it using our in-house high resolution scanning equipment.  Once the object is replicated into a 3D model we can print it for you in either FULLCOLOR Photo-realistic Sandstone or Single Color ABS/PLA Plastic.