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Appointments are available during non-business hours, for Appointments, call: 1-844-387-2777.

Want to know more?  Read on…

Say It In 3D is a family run business that specializes in bringing memories to life using state of the art scanning and 3D printing technologies.  When the two founders, Claudia and Tony first discovered that 3D Figurines of REAL PEOPLE were being 3D Printed overseas they knew they had to find out more.  They asked themselves, why isn’t this being done here in the states?  After much research they found that the 3D Printers capable of such remarkable figurines were actually here in the U.S. but only used by companies like Timberland, Reebok and others to make prototypes of their new products.

Well now that they knew how to print them out they needed to capture the person.  They immediately began to research the full body scanning solutions and found that there were some technologies, but they were somewhat primitive for full body scanning, at least at a cost that was acceptable for consumers.  Well, Claudia, being technically savvy and coming from Digital Equipment Corp and Tony coming from Hardware/Software Engineering at Apple Computer thought there must be a way we can bring this to life, and at a cost consumers would appreciate, heck, there doing it overseas!!

So the two set out and using their technical skills they created their own scanning system and invested in the 3D printing equipment necessary to produce those awesome figurines they had seen abroad!!  They built a system they could take on the road and several years ago began travelling around, as far south as Baltimore, MD and as far west as Buffalo, NY.  They took their scanning system and attended various trade-shows, Comicon Events, Wedding Expos, wherever they could go to capture people that they could immortalize in FULLCOLOR Photo-realistic Sandstone!!  Wherever they went people were astounded and amazed!!!

They loved seeing the reaction when people saw their offering and with such great success on the road, in 2016 they decided to open a retail store so people would have a place to go and get these unique, one-of-a-kind statues any time they wanted.  BUT, the technology changes and they both knew that VERY well.  They knew they had to update and improve the process if this was going to continue to bring happiness to all their customers and be a viable top-notch company.

So again, in 2016, they used all their technical skills to create a state of the art Photogrammetry Scanning Booth capable of handling multiple people at once.  That was when their Memorable Creations came about!!!  Although their store in Newburyport Mass. was very well received and hundreds of people were immortalized, they wanted more, they wanted to see more of those expression people make when they pick up their statue!!

At the end of that same year, they looked at the business and realized they had to once again improve the system, and they felt they needed to do more marketing to reach more people, they had a desire to see more expressions of joy and awe!!  Well, they did just that!  They re-vamped their system, moved to a more central location to their customers and lowered their overhead… that’s when Say It In 3D in Rye, NH was born.

At their new location they have been able to work with neighboring stores, like Custom Frames, and Memories Studio which adds more photographic expertise and Shadow boxes to their creations.  And because they want everyone to Say It In 3D, even if they can’t come in, they recently added 3D Laser Etched Crystals to their lineup.  These awesome Crystals can be created right from your own photo, or stop by their neighbor, Memories Studio, for a super quality high definition photo and have it immortalized in Crystal forever!!!  Now that’s a truly Memorable Creation.  And to make it even easier to wow someone, simply email them a special photo and you can get a 3D Crystal of your own in no time.

Well now you know how it came about, so feel free to stop ion and see them and treat yourself to a memorable Creation of your own.  If not for you for someone special.  They invite you to come and see how they immortalize that special someone.  Drop by to see their amazing photo booth, or come in and check out the awesome 3D Crystals!!!

What ever your passion, you can definitely Say It In 3D at their store… and what better way to say it?